Once again HSPA is excited and proud to provide our students with the CLI program, now considered the #1 online dance education program in the world, with over 300 of the industries best known choreographers. 



Class Schedule


  • (Advanced) Pre-Teen~Senior

    • Wednesday 6:00 -7:00 PM

  • (Intermediate) Junior~ Pre-Teen

    • Friday 6:00-7:00 PM 


Because we had seen such an immense improvement in those Team students that had been participating in our CLI program these past 5-6 years, as of last season we found a way to make it affordable and convenient for ALL of our team students to benefit. 


Level 1- Each team will have the opportunity for a minimum of 1 CLI class per month (conveniently scheduled during their class time) with a $12 fee added onto each team student’s monthly tuition. Typically this level of professional classes would cost a minimum of $25 -$35 per class. 


Level 2- For those more serious dancers who would like to benefit from the program at a higher level, we offer the CLI weekly guided classes, with the older dancers once again on Wednesdays 6:00-7:00, and younger dancers on Fridays 6:00-7:00 with a total of $27 added to the monthly tuition. Taking these classes are equivalent to attending weekend dance conventions but without the cost of travel, hotel, & food expenses, not to mention time away from families. The level 2 membership includes the exciting monthly LIVE interactive with the teacher/choreographer being able to see our students providing immediate feedback and corrections, which has been such an incredible experience and opportunity for our dancers. To have some of the most revered LA choreographers, many of which are from the GEN IV faculty whom our students have grown to know and love, working privately one on one with our dancers in the convenience of our own studio every month is an opportunity most dancers only dream of. NOT ONLY will they be getting the weekly class, (with one being the live interactive class each month), but they will also have their own individual passcode to the CLI website where they can access classes on their personal computers/phones to take a class with some of their favorite choreographers, in all styles, anytime, anywhere. PLUS another BONUS is that your child will be able to take the other weekly class for FREE! Teen/Seniors can take the Friday class for FREE and the Juniors can take the Wednesday class for FREE!  Each class tends to be geared to the more advanced level in each age division, so the teen/seniors can still be challenged in the Friday class and what an opportunity for the juniors to dance with the older kids on Wednesday. Well worth the additional $15 for level 2. 


An added note is that CLI now has a new beginner/intermediate level, better suited for our younger dancers. For some in the past it was a bit too challenging which we know could be frustrating at times, so now they can feel far more comfortable and confident in class.


It makes a perfect birthday/holiday gift from a grandparent or relative whether contributing a couple months worth or paying for the full year membership. So, whether you opt for the Level 1 program which will be part of the team required curriculum for a total of $120 for the year ($12per month) or decide to take advantage of the Level 2 program for a total of $270 a year ($27 per month), we promise it will be well worth the money spent. 


The possibilities of what can be gained from this learning experience is absolutely extraordinary.

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