June 26th


This 1 DAY intensive will incorporate a full stretch, strength, conditioning warm-up followed by technique work, center floor and across the floor to start, followed by 3-4 CLI online classes projected up on the big screen,with some of our favorite LA choreographers

June 27th - 28th


This camp is specifically geared for the 3–5-year-old, and will incorporate dancing, singing, imagination play, arts and crafts, snacks, and story time, dressed as your favorite Disney princess and princess characters. A fun filled three days for your little dancer.

July 12th


This 1 day intensive will focus on acrobatic technique, flexibility, strength, conditioning and control, along with incorporating dance elements within their acrobatic choreography. They will also work on tumbling techniques using the tumble track and gymnastics equipment. Non-acrobatic students are welcome to attend for the stretch, strength and conditioning portion.

July 16th - 19th


Our 4 day camp will offer classes with our guest faculty in contemporary, jazz, modern, hip-hop, and tap, along with warm up, stretching and conditioning classes. This is also our sleepover camp from Wednesday to Thursday which is always an annual highlight. Dancers of all levels welcome, ages 6 and over.

July 23rd


This 1 day intensive will focus on various styles of jazz technique’s, which include jazz funk, Broadway style/Musical Theater & Hip Hop. We are excited to be bringing in HSPA Alumni Jen Pinard Snyder as one of our guest teachers for the day.

This 3 day camp is geared for the 5–8-year-old and will combine dancing, singing, tumbling, arts and crafts, snacks & story time, all geared around our Big Top Circus Theme. A great chance to improve their dance skills along with making new friends.

July 30th


This 1 day intensive will focus on ballet barre, floor barre, technique, allegro and Adage combinations, across the floor variations, with concentration on proper ballet technique and body alignment. Introduction to various modern techniques, to include the Horton method with HSPA alumni Minh Sullivan being one of our guest teachers, along with contemporary technique, choreography, and improv sessions.

August 23rd

This one day intensive will focus on tap technique, ankle isolations, musicality, rhythm, syncopation, center floor work, traveling combinations, along with learning about very styles of tap throughout history. This will be geared for 8-year-olds and over at the pre-intermediate through advanced levels.