The following is a list of *PRECAUTIONS that will be implemented as we phase back into the studio. We will open with limited spots, strict rules, and with zoom still as an option.

  • Everyone must wear a mask

  • Reminder to wash your mask every day

  • Parents are requested to check child's temperature before leaving home

  • If required, we can perform a forehead thermal scan before entering pending we are able to purchase some infrared/no touch thermometers

  • No child under 6 will be allowed to come back yet - their classes will continue with zoom until we are further along, with it being more difficult to keep them in spaces and wearing masks

  • Any student who has been exposed to a known COVID 19 positive person may not come to class until they have been self quarantined for 2 weeks and are symptom free

  • Any dancer with underlying health conditions...please remain home and use our zoom option

  • Any dancer with a relative at home with a compromised immune system… Please remain home and use our zoom option

  • Dancers will need to bring their own water bottles filled, as the bubblers will temporarily not be in use until approved to do so safely

  • Bathroom use is suggested before leaving home but if needed, a staff person will follow behind and clean all door, toilet, and sink handles.

  • 6ft separation marks will be set up outside for drop off areas

  • Classes held in Studio A, & B will enter through the two back doors

  • Classes held in E & F will enter through front door with 6 foot distancing in place while entering

  • Everyone must wash/sanitize hands before and after class

  • Dancers will remain in studios and not be allowed to congregate in waiting areas

  • No family members allowed in waiting areas to help reduce foot traffic in our facilities - everyone must remain outside

  • Larger teams/classes will be separated into multiple rooms, maintaining the 6 ft distancing

  • All classes will be 45 mins and or scheduled in a way that we have a minimum of 15 mins to clean and sanitize floors and surface areas in between classes

  • Contactless Class - We will be sure to teach without having any physical contact with students as well as students avoiding contact with each other

  • Spots: 6x6 squares will be clearly marked on floors in all studios, skipping every other one so every dancer remains 6' apart

  • Due to dancers wearing masks, and the safety and well-being of our students is a priority, and and all cardio/high energy exercises would be greatly minimized. Focus will be placed more on technique, flexibility, strengthening, conditioning, and review work. 

  • Only staff will open and close doors, most of which will remain open

  • Cubbies will not be used. Dancers will bring dance bags into studios

  • Stair hand rails will be tapped off as a reminder to not touch unless necessary

  • Staff will be cleaning hourly throughout class sessions

  • Staff will be wearing gloves, intermittently changing them when needed

  • Second floor lounge area will not be set up with chairs keeping touchable surfaces to a minimum.

  • No ballet barres, props, or equipment will be used

  • Acro mats will be assigned individually per student and not shared, with each one being thoroughly wiped down before and after use

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