Is a fine arts enrichment program with both adult supervision and performing arts instructors who are experienced with working with children. Our instructors will provide guidance and support when needed to students attending school online, plus provide fine arts enrichment to keep students engaged, social, and happy. Safety is our number one priority.


We are committed to serving our community and taking a whole-child approach to assisting with education and developing fine arts skills. Our HSPA Academy will offer support to children (ages 11/12 & over) as they navigate remote learning while also providing stress management solutions and arts enrichment activities in a safe, socially distanced environment in compliance with all current health guidelines and regulations. 

Once our limited spots are filled, families will be able to join the waitlist. Students will be notified in order of registration if a spot becomes available. 

Support for remote learning

Our staff which will collectively consist of certified HSPA faculty, along with HSPA college alumni who will support remote learning and assist with online technology when needed.

  • Students bring their own computers or tablets, headphones, charging cords, notebooks, binders, pencils, etc...

  • Students will attend their virtual classes at their own (safely spaced) work stations and complete their daily school work.

  • Students will supply their own lunches, drinks, and snacks. 

Daily Stress management techniques

  • Yoga

  • Journaling

  • Brain breaks

  • Improv sessions 

Daily Arts enrichment/physical activities 

  • Dance

  • Theater

  • Visual Arts

  • Dance History

  • Outdoor walks/Bike path 

Keeping our children safe

  • Limited enrollment with students adhering to social distancing

  • Masks are required for all staff

  • Masks are required for all students upon entering, exiting, and moving away from desks during breaks

  • Students work 6 feet apart at stations

  • No shared items or food

  • Frequent hand washing/sanitizing

  • Temperature checks upon arrival

  • Dance space 6' by 8' blocks per student

  • Dancers should bring their own yoga mats when assigned 


Monday - Friday 8:00am-2:30pm

Extended care may be available if enough students are interested 


There will be one adult supervisor per 12 students- max 24 students separated into 2-3 rooms according to grade level 

Program Options

  • 2 Day

  • 3 Day

  • 5 Day

(Half-day options may be available depending on availability and interest) 


2- Day Option $72 per week

$290 per month

3- Day Option $90 per week

$360 per month

5- Day Option $120 per week

$480 per month

Payments will be automatic through parent portal, either monthly or bi-monthly. 

Absences & Illness

If a child or household family member becomes ill with Covid-19, they will need to provide a negative Covid test upon returning. A credit will be applied to the next billing cycle for any days missed due to illness. 



Families may withdraw at any time but must give 2 weeks written notice before the next billing cycle. We provide credit for weeks not used that can be used toward other camps or classes. There will be no refunds issued. 

Extended Care

Before care will run from 7:30 am - 8:00 am at a cost of $4 xtra per day. After care will run from 2:30-3:00pm at a cost of $4 xtra per day. Students will have the opportunity to engage in quiet activities in a supervised setting. 

Daily Agenda

  • Academic time~ approximately 3 hours (depending on individual workload) 

  • Dance/Physical activity/Arts ~ 2+ Hours 

  • Lunch ~ 30 minutes 

  • Intermittent snack/water/bathroom/mindful moment breaks scheduled every hour or so 

  • Personal Downtime~ 30 minutes at the end of the day. Students can finish up school work, dance, or just relax and watch tv.


If this is something that you may be interested in, please contact us ASAP. We cannot make any definite decisions until we have a minimum number of students. 

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