HSPA Update May 8th

Hello HSPA Families,

We hope this message finds you all well and having been able to enjoy as much of your summer as possible. We know it's been a summer like no other and we are eagerly looking forward to getting all of our dancers back into a steady flow, providing a sense of normalcy into their lives. We were so proud of all of our dancers who attended summer classes and workshops, all the while complying with the safety protocols set in place. It took a little bit of time to acclimate ourselves but within a couple weeks we ran like a well oiled machine. We feel fully confident and assured that we can maintain that same level of safety during these next few months as we head into season 87.

Congratulations also to those students who participated in our Covid-19 virtual recital. It went amazing and we can't wait to see the video soon.

We are currently updating our safety procedures chart which will be included in our next email, with the majority of it being the same as it was throughout the summer months with the exception of our mask wearing rule. All dancers, faculty, and staff will now be required to wear a mask at all times, with the exception of those who have medical/health issues. Dancers under five who struggle with masks can try the children's face shields.

Although we will not hold our usual IN- Studio registration days due to Covid-19, we WILL be offering studio tours for all new students and families. Please call or email us to schedule an appointment. 

In this newsletter you will find information about:

  • Registration 

  • HSPA Academy 

  • Team Student Information 

  • New classes




Online Registration is now OPEN – please go to our website www.hspadance.com and click on Register/Login located in the top right hand corner. For team members, classes will show up as to which is available for each dancer to select from. Recreational students can select according to age, level, and dance style preference. A zoom option for all classes will be made available for those students preferring to remain dancing from home. And although no parents will be allowed into the buildings until we are given the OK by the state to increase our occupancy level, we will be providing a zoom link for our brand new Tiny Tot/Kinder dancers so that parents can watch from their phones while waiting in their cars.

Please feel free to email hsapdance@gmail.com with any questions/problems with registration.

Dance Classes begin on Saturday September 19.

Academy classes begin on Tuesday, September 15.


With so much uncertainty sending our children back to school, and many families with underlying health situations within the homes, we recognize this is a very difficult decision for many parents. We know that you all need to get back to work, and want your child back in a social setting but concerned for their safety being in a larger public setting. So we have come up with a solution that can help if your child's school is offering some type of at home learning/hybrid program or if you have a child that home schools and looking for more socialization. We will provide a fully supervised learning center utilizing the studio facility during the day to help those families who are looking for both a safe and progressive alternative. This would be a temporary solution to help families get through the Covid-19 pandemic, but if it looks to be a productive and positive experience of which we can further enrich, we would possibly look into extending and expanding upon it. Please note that we are not categorizing this as a certified educational program, nor childcare or a camp, but more so a supervised setting for our students utilizing our facility to do their personal online schoolwork, while implementing fine arts enrichment classes to take the place of their physical education classes. 

For further details outlining the Academy program please see the document included. 


As we prepare for the fall dance season, we want to remind all of our team students about the inevitable adjustments and changes that occur from time to time with our competitive teams. It is part of the normal ebb and flow as dancers grow and change. There are many variables that we take into account when we are deciding how to configure the teams for the upcoming season.

For more in depth details regarding team transitions please see the document included.

Requirements for team members:

  • Weekly team class (from 1.5 to 2 hours)

  • 1 ballet class per week

  • 1 technique class and/or CLI* class

  • 2 mandatory competitions (with a possible 3rd for older teams)

  • 1 outside dance convention (Gen. IV, Jump, NYCDA, Shock, ADA, etc.) for dancers 9 years of age and older and/or monthly CLI membership

  • 16 hours of dancing during the summer

  • (Tap, Acro, Hip Hop, Ballroom, Pointe, & Theater are optional classes)



So excited to be offering some new dance and theater options into our curriculum:

  • Ballroom ~Mondays 5:30pm -6:15pm (age 10 and over~ Inter/Adv)

  • Modern ~ Thursday's -included and alternated with the Thursday technique classes (Inter/ Adv)

  • Vaudeville Theater (6week course) ~ Sundays 11am-1145am (pre-teen & older) & Saturdays time? 
    (mini & junior) please see the document included.

  • BEGINNER Adult Classes (6-week sessions) TBA



The growth and improvement we have seen in those Team students that have been participating in our CLI online program these past few years has been tremendous. Especially those who participated in the extraordinary 2020 summer event. It was such an incredible opportunity which many of our dancers took advantage of. Last year we found a way to make it affordable and convenient for ALL of our team students to benefit from this educational program and it worked out great, guaranteeing every team member a minimum of 10 CLI classes spread out over the course of the 10 month season. For more detailed information, please see the document included.

As always, we thank you for your continued support and choosing us to help guide and train your child through their dance journey. We love working with all your children and so incredibly grateful to be a part of their lives. 

See you soon,
Alison, Lisa A., and the HSPA Faculty