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September Newsletter

Welcome HSPA Families! September has officially arrived and we are looking forward to getting dance classes started on Monday, September 11, 2017. A few reminders to start the dance year…. Registration Round one of our registration went extremely well – we were very happy to see so many people signing up to begin the new dance year. · Next registration date is Wednesday, September 6th from 5:30PM to 7:30PM at the studio. If you are unable to attend this next date, please feel free to print out the attached registration form, fill it out and mail it to the studio with your payment. This will reserve your dancers spot in each class that they would like to attend. Registration fee is $30 plus first months’ tuition – please mail to: HSPA, 396 Main Street #3, Easthampton, MA 01027 Contacting the Studio If you have questions, comments, or need to be in touch with the HSPA office/Staff... please do not reply to this email! This email address is only to send out the newsletters and updates. We do not want to miss important questions, so if you need us please contact us directly at (413) 527-0892, via our Facebook page OR email Also, check out our updated website at! Studio Renovations Please excuse our appearance as we continue to complete our studio renovations. We had hoped to have all the renovations completed before our new dance season started, but unfortunately, some delays had occurred! We thank you in advance for all your patience and cooperation as we continue to complete the renovations over the next few months. Some of the renovations that took place over the summer include: · Complete overhaul to the heating and A/C units throughout the entire building · Rebuilding the front and side entrances · Replacing all the windows and ceilings · Updating the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms upstairs Some of the renovations that will be in progress through the dance season: · Replacing all the carpets in the waiting room areas · Installing a fully handicapped entrance · Installing a fully equipped handicapped bathroom · Updating the entire lobby and office are to a complete new look One of the MOST exciting renovations that occurred over the summer was welcoming MaryAnn’s Dance & More to the front of our building! Having the ability to shop next door for all of our required dancewear is a great convenience for all our HSPA families! We hope that you will support her for all your dancewear needs. Lastly, but most important our tremendous gratitude goes out to our husbands, Ted and Todd, along with many of our HSPA dance dads who spent many hours, days and even weeks helping to complete the various jobs. Special thank you and immense appreciation goes to EJ Lafleur and Jacob Masenior. We could not have done it without all your support, dedication and commitment on behalf of all our dance families. Weekly Student Sign-In Please make sure to remind your dancers to sign in on the sheets on the bulletin boards (or do it for them if you have young children). We need this information to make final class lists. Thank you! Parent Observations Days Parents are invited to observe during the last 15 minutes of classes according to the following schedule: Dance classes: Last week of October, December, February, April and June Acro/Gymnastics classes: Last week of November, January, March, May and June Tuition Policy Tuition is due at the beginning of each month and is late if not received by the 10th of each month, at which point a $25.00 late fee will be applied to your account. We will do our best to contact you by phone or e-mail if you are falling behind, but if our attempts to reach you do not result in your tuition being paid up, the next step will be having your dancer sit out until tuition is paid. Please do not make us resort to this! We really do not want to. We currently accept cash, check, MasterCard or Visa for all payments, but if you bounce multiple checks, we will be forced to ask you to pay in CASH only. Please always feel free speak to us if you believe your particular situation warrants an extension of some kind. We are not unreasonable - but we are a business. Payment Booklets We will be offering payment booklets again this year and will let you know as soon as they are available at the studio for pick up. They contain a full list of the days when the studio will be closed throughout the year and they are a convenient way to pay your tuition! Dress Code Reminder Every year we remind students about wearing appropriate dance attire to the studio. Wearing the specified clothing and shoes and having your hair pulled neatly away from your face shows respect for your teacher and for yourself. Not surprisingly, it also affects your ability to dance. Please consult the dress code handout or ask a teacher if you have any questions. We especially hope that all of our dancers will adhere to the dress code for ballet class: Tights, leotards, ballet shoes and hair neatly away from your face (a bun is preferred). Drop Off and Pick Up Please be prompt in dropping off your student(s) and in picking them up after classes. Students who are late to class cause a disruption and they miss important stretching and/or instruction time. The students who are late being picked up sometimes cause disruption in the hallways and studios. Please do not pull up and stop in front of the studio door to drop your dancer off during our busy hours/days. This causes a back-up of traffic onto busy Route 10 – please pull into a parking spot. Coming to Class When Sick or Injured If you are injured or are not feeling well enough to dance (but are NOT contagious!), please try to join us for class and watch from the sidelines. You can pick up a lot by watching. You can also record things on your phone to refer to at home to help you catch up on any missed choreography. Fundraising Opportunities We know with the extra expense of production numbers, extra group numbers, guest choreographers and CLI, it can be financially stressful on parents. Do you have some unique fundraising ideas that may help offset these extra costs? We would love to hear from you! Please contact Alison at with any of your thoughts ASAP. Dance Conventions Conventions are optional and open to ALL HSPA students! More options for conventions will be posted in the October Newsletter! Jump in Albany, NY: October 20th – 22nd. Deadline to sign-up is September 17th. DMA in TBA: September 17th. More DMA dates will be posted in the October Newsletter – Reminder that this is the dance competition that if your dancer plans to do his/her solo – they MUST attend one of the DMA conventions. Sign-ups will be posted on the bulletin boards in the studio. Helping your Dancer be Successful this Year We like to remind our families every year about the ways you can help your dancer be ready for the New Year. The dancers who succeed long term, both at HSPA and in the outside world, all have some things in common: 1) Come to class every week. 2) Dress appropriately for class. 3) Be well rested, properly fed and hydrated before class begins. 4) Come to ballet and technique class every week 5) Be a team player - help to foster community among your teammates. 6) Practice outside of class to improve on what is presented in class. 7) Take advantage of outside opportunities to study with different teachers (conventions, workshops, etc.). 8) Show respect to your teachers, your teammates, and yourself. 9) Have good etiquette while at the studio. 10) Have a willing attitude and always do your best! Dancer Evaluations Continuing We want to remind everyone that we will continue to evaluate dancers (especially new dancers and team members) over the next few weeks to make sure that everyone is placed in the appropriate class and level. Please be patient while we attend to this. Fall Sports Any team members who are playing a fall sport should be attending dance classes on their free days to avoid falling behind. Dancers should check with their instructors to see which classes or teams to join in on for make-up times. Eligibility for Extra Numbers Any team members who are planning to be in extra group numbers MUST be enrolled in the ballet and technique classes offered in order to be eligible for extra numbers. Private Lesson Sign-Ups Please see the sign-up sheet in the hallway for private lessons. Remember, you pay the teacher directly at each lesson. Let's have a great year! We are looking forward to a wonderful year of dancing. Thank you for choosing Hackworth School of Performing Arts. We hope everyone has a great beginning to the school year, and we cannot wait to begin dancing with you again! Thank you, Alison, Lisa A., Lisa H., and the HSPA Staff