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November Newsletter

Good morning HSPA families, November arrives with the crisp cool New England air and fall colors. In this newsletter, you will find information about the following: · Class tuition · Costume deposits · Costume prices · Important dates · Parent observation days · Fundraisers · Generation IV winter workshop · CLI update · Studio policies If you have any questions regarding any of this information, please reach out to the Office or email us at Also, always contact us directly with any comments, suggestions, complaints and/or criticisms. All of which we take very seriously and try to address each of them to avoid any misunderstandings or miscommunications. Thank you, Alison, Lisa A., Lisa H., and the HSPA Staff Class Tuition Please remember that class tuition is due by the 10th of each month, otherwise a late fee of $25.00 will be applied to your account. If paying by check, this needs to be a separate check from any costume, competition and/or choreography fees please. If you have changed any of your dancer’s classes since registration, please see Ann in the office ASAP. Costume Deposit Money The 2nd costume deposit is due November 10, 2017. Final costume installment is due by December 15, 2017. We need costume money in hand before we can begin ordering costumes. Please help us out by staying on top of your costume payments and to make this a separate check from your tuition payment. Costume Prices Recreational Tiny Dancer classes are $70 each Recreational Kinder, Petite and Junior classes are $75 each Recreational Pre-teen, Teen and Senior classes are $80 each Acro classes are $45 each Team Prices listed below are for your dancers TWO team costumes (any additional numbers will be $80 each): Emerald, Pearl and Jade teams are $160 Ruby, Gold, Diamond 1 and 2 teams are $175 Tap and Acro teams are $80 each Important Dates & Studio Closed Dates 11/22 - 11/26 - Thanksgiving Break 12/14 - Holiday Gift Giving Tree - Volunteers needed, 6:30 - 8:00pm for sorting and bagging. More detailed information to follow regarding gift/toy drop off’s. 12/21 - 1/1 - Holiday Break. Classes start again on Tuesday 1/2/2018. Parent Observation Days November 27th – December 1st (due to no classes on Friday, November 24th) will be Parent Observations Days for our acro classes ONLY. Acro teachers will open the doors to invite you in to observe the last 15 minutes of the class. Little Caesar's Pizza Kits! We will be doing our fund-raiser again this year to help you earn money towards tuition, costumes, competitions, etc. For every item you sell, $5.00 will be credited to your account. Please see office staff for the order forms. All orders are due by December 1, 2017 and the pick-up date is tentatively December 11, 2017. Please make checks out to: HSPA. Generation IV Dance Winter Workshop registration is now open to the public. If you signed your dancer up to attend the workshop and your plans have since changed and they can no longer attend, please notify Alison ASAP. CLI Students If any full paying CLI members have not received their personal account information yet please see Alison ASAP, so that she may follow-up on your account for you. Remember this gives your dancer access online from your phone and/or home computers to take classes whenever they want! If there are any students that would still like to join the full CLI program – it’s NOT too late – please see Alison ASAP as well. Studio Policies · Private lessons: If your dancer is currently signed up for private lesson it is imperative that you check in with your dancer’s instructor at the beginning of each week to confirm the day and time that works for both your dancer and their instructor. NEVER assume that your dancers private lesson will be the same each week. For those that are doing private lessons with one of our Student assistants, please be mindful that they are students FIRST and an assistant teacher second. Their team schedule, classes and rehearsals take priority over private lessons. There also may be times when students must share a private lesson, time and/or space especially once their dance is finished being choreographed and close to competition time. We have found that sharing lessons is very beneficial for the dancers to have the opportunity to perform their solos in front of others in preparation for the competition season. Those students participating as a private student have the responsibility of practicing from one week to the next. If a student continually comes in unprepared, having not remembered the choreography and/or corrections from the previous week, we may suggest they wait to a later time when they are mature enough to handle all the responsibilities of a solo. Time cannot be wasted on anyone not proving to work hard and earn their instructors time and limited studio space. Private lesson fees should be paid directly to the instructor at the time of your dancer’s lesson. Solo choreography fees should also be paid directly to the instructor and are due now. · Substitute instructors: Most of our faculty are moms of busy and active children, there will be times when our children’s activities will conflict with our teaching schedule. On these rare occasions, one of our other qualified faculty members will fill in to teach the class. These instructors substituting the class are completely capable and professionally trained to walk into any class and continue with the current and ongoing curriculum of the class. We consider this a positive opportunity for the dancers, seeing as each of our faculty have something unique and special to offer. This helps to teach children about adaptability, being able to face unexpected changes with excitement and optimism, rather than fear and uncertainty. When paying for classes, you are not paying for one specific instructor, you are paying for an overall dance education. It is important to understand that as much as we truly love our jobs and each of our students dearly, we are parents first and dance teachers second. Just like you as parents, if our sons or daughters have a big event, whether it be school, sports, performance related, we will not miss out being there for them. Although being a parent can conflict with our work schedules, it gives us a much deeper understanding of what children need and are experiencing, therefore making us better teachers for our students. We all know how quickly childhood goes by, and our priority like yours, will always be to put our children first. This is a policy we have had in place for four generations and has served us well. · Friday technique and CLI classes: Any student that is participating in the Friday technique and CLI classes, just a reminder that the time change occurs once a month when CLI is the LIVE interactive class. Originally the schedule was for the technique class to continue to be a 45-minute class as in previous years with the CLI class being an hour long. We decided to flip-flop that this season giving the technique class the additional 15 minutes (for no extra charge) seeing as most CLI classes can be completed in 45 minutes, except for the live interactive class when the instructor is working one on one with our students via a live feed from LA. Due to this, once a month the technique class will be 45 minutes rather than an hour. These monthly classes are posted on our Facebook page each month. · Individual potential: Just like school classrooms, there will always be a variety of levels within a class or team, with some more skilled than others. It is nearly impossible to have a class where each student is at the same exact level. We as qualified professionals can identify right from the start the level of each of our dancers, therefore implementing a class structure that continues to challenge even the most advanced in the class. It is important to know that your child is being worked to their full potential regardless of where they stand in their class ranking. This applies to all our dance and acrobatic classes. There may be weeks where your child is switched from one acro group to another, whether it be due to class attendance on that given day or possibly introducing a new apparatus or drill, finding themselves with students of a different skill set. Rest assured, regardless of this change, they are still being worked at their own individual level. We ask that you trust our professional expertise. · Guest choreographers: One of our goals at HSPA is to always provide a well-rounded dance education for our students, exposing them to extracurricular learning opportunities for growth and advancement. We are thrilled and honored to be able to bring in some of the country’s biggest choreographers to our little neck of the woods. This honor is typically reserved for our older team dancers as it is a privilege they have earned. An amazing experience that all our younger dancers can look forward to and work towards. How exciting for our younger students to be able to peek into studio A and see the excitement and enthusiasm of our older students learning from one of these incredible teachers/choreographers/dancers, with the anticipation of knowing that one day it could be them in that room sharing in that experience. There will be times when studio space (especially on Saturdays) are having to be adjusted slightly to accommodate these extra rehearsals. The only lessons that may be directly affected are private lessons which take a backseat to the scheduling of classes and teams. Although it may make it a little more hectic at the studio during these times, it does not disrupt any of the students ongoing classwork. They are just simply moving into a different studio space.