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HSPA Musical Theater Production Number Information

Good morning HSPA families, We wanted to send out a quick reminder regarding the annual Musical Theater production number this year… This number will NOT be competing at the DMA competition because many of our teen/senior dancers have conflicts with that weekend. Therefore, the Musical Theater production number will be competing at the Dance Showcase competition in Bristol, Connecticut the weekend of March 17th and 18th, as well as the ADA competition in May where ALL the team dances are participating. Of course, the number will also perform at both the Friday and Saturday shows at our recital. IF you cannot commit to the March competition in Bristol, Connecticut, please let us know ASAP so we can remove your dancer from the list. We also need to order costumes immediately; therefore, we need to know who will remain committed to participating. The rehearsal/choreography fee is $75 per dancer (except for diamond team 1 and 2 – please see someone in the office for your total rehearsal/choreography fee bill). This fee includes all rehearsal hours from January through June for this number. We will repost the list of those who initially signed up so names may be removed or added. Unfortunately, this happens every couple of years where our teen/senior dancers have conflicts and being that it involves a high number of them, we certainly cannot do the production number without them. We do realize it is a big commitment of travel for only one group number. Those dancers that have solos, duets and/or trios are more than welcome to make it a full weekend by participating in those categories. If we find there is a team where most of the dancers are planning to attend the Bristol competition, we would possibly consider entering their two team dances into this additional competition if approved by all parents. Once we get a final confirmed list, we can then move forward putting out further information concerning that. We are starting choreography during class time even though we know not everyone is signed up to participate, mainly because it just happens to be a Christmas themed production number ~ELF~ and we thought it would be fun for ALL our team dancers to learn some of the choreography to get us in the spirit for the holidays. We will announce rehearsal days and times once we return from our holiday break. In the past few years, we have done Thursday night rehearsals throughout February and a few weekend rehearsals as well. We certainly hope everyone will still wish to participate, as it is always one of the big hits at both competition and recital. It is always a great learning experience for our younger dancers to have the opportunity to work with and rehearse alongside our teen and senior dancers. Thank you, Alison, Lisa A., Lisa H., and the HSPA faculty