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HSPA Welcome Back Registration

Happy End of Summer HSPA! Note to Graduated Senior Families: We have not yet updated our e-mail lists for the year. If you have a dancer who recently graduated, we will remove you from our mailing list as soon as we complete registration. Please disregard any e-mails you receive in the meantime. Thank you for your patience! 2018-2019 Registration Come dance with us for our 85th year! Registration is now open online by going to our website at Log into your Parent Portal or register if you have not created one as of yet. Everything will be done through the Parent Portal going forward including bulletins and updates. We are very excited about our new adventure online, thank you in advance for your patience as we make our transition. You may email any questions to Our Open house/Registration to take place at the studio is scheduled for: · Wednesday, August 29, 5-8pm · First day of Classes: Monday, September 10th HSPA Team News: A New Year Ahead Congratulations to all our teams on another exciting and successful season. We are continually amazed at the growth and improvement of each team member. One of the most gratifying things for us to witness is the deep friendships that develop among dancers and parents alike. The sisterhood/brotherhood that is shaped during these early years of dancing often carries through until our dancers graduate high school, and some friendships continue long after that. Time of Transition As team members grow and mature at different rates, it can be a difficult transition when some teams do not stay intact from year to year. Eventually, if dancers stay with us, they usually end up back together with some or all their teammates from years past as they reach the three older teams. This inevitable process has played out for decades here. Along with natural growth and maturity, other factors influence a dancer's path at HSPA. Some dancers dedicate themselves fully to dance, while others supplement dance with other sports and activities. Some activities and sports complement dance and dovetail with HSPA training, while others prove to be a more challenging fit. Among the dancers who are the most dedicated, there are also those dancers who take all the extra ballet and technique classes offered and supplement their training with weekend conventions, summer programs, etc. These dancers often see the most rapid improvement in their skills. All dancers are given the same learning opportunities, are taught the same technique and choreography and hear the same words spoken by their teachers in class. What they do with this information and training is up to them, and we do our best to support each dancer's goals and encourage their personal growth. Having said all of this, we must request, as we do every year, that you as parents support our professional assessment of each dancer and our decision to move some dancers from one team to another. We have been doing this for a long time. We have the benefit of being in the studio with the dancers. We are able to see how quickly they pick up choreography, how engaged they are in class, how mature they are, and how they interact with other members of the team. What we observe on a week-to-week basis may be very different from what a parent sees on observation day or at a competition or recital. Secondly, for a successful parent/teacher relationship to work, there needs to be open communication, and mutual respect. Both teacher and parent need to present a unified front to the dancers. If your dancer knows that you support the decisions we are making regarding their placement, they are much more likely to get on board and get down to the business of dancing! Each year we have a different number of graduating seniors, which causes a domino effect within the teams as we move dancers to fill vacant spots. We meet as a faculty group and carefully discuss each dancer and where we think they will have the best opportunity to shine. We know that all parents want their children to be challenged, and most of us would prefer that our dancers be allowed to "dance up" a level. However, all dancers need to experience being one of the older dancers who acts as a role model to younger members of their teams. If this a year when your dancer is one of the older ones on their team, we hope you will help them embrace this leadership opportunity, (keeping in mind that each team has a 4-5 your age range and is based more so on level and ability then by age, and in order to be considered a move up, a dancer must be without question, the most advanced in the class). Rather than holding these dancers back, they more often than not excel in this role. Our teachers always teach to the highest level of ability on a team, which gives our older team members the opportunity to truly shine. Talk to your dancer ahead of time so they can be emotionally prepared for team placement decisions. How you as a parent handle this communication will directly affect how your dancer handles it. Remaining positive and supportive is strongly encouraged. This is the perfect opportunity to teach some very valuable life lessons in regard to dealing with disappointment Thank you for trusting us with your child's dance education. We look forward to another exciting season ahead. As always, please talk with us if you have questions or concerns. We look forward to a great year of dancing and fun. Thank you for choosing HSPA! Alison, Lisa, & the HSPA faculty and staff