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Dance Class


Celebrating Our 90th Year of Dance

Since 1934



As we embark on our 90th season, we can’t help but reflect back on the two generations that came before us whom planted the seeds which have taken strong roots allowing us to grow to new heights with each passing decade. 


The Hackworth School of Performing Arts (originally known as the Geoffrey School of Dance), was founded in 1934 by Gerard Geoffrey, a dance pioneer in western Massachusetts. In the early 1960s, his daughter Jackie succeeded him, changing over the name and leading the studio into its second generation. Her dedication to the consistent growth and evolution of her students established a strong foundation of quality dance education which continues today. Since taking the reins in 1991, Jackie's daughters, Lisa Anthony and Alison Forance, along with their dedicated staff, have earned a reputation of excellence by adhering to the principles upon which the studio was built. Passing on the rich heritage and traditions of HSPA has made them one of the most reputable dance institutions in New England and one of the longest running dance studios in the country. The family’s 4th generation of dancers has been steadily making a name for themselves on the national and international dance scene, achieving a level of success that couldn’t possibly have been imagined over 8 decades ago. They now proudly pass on HSPA’s legacy of inspiration to the next generation.

HSPA Mission

At the Hackworth School of Performing Arts we strive to: provide high-quality dance education in a safe, nurturing, supportive environment for children of all ages and abilities; maintain a family-friendly atmosphere that encourages exploration of creativity through dance, and fosters individual growth; and employ a staff of trained professionals who offer exceptional dance instruction with the same sense of “Love & family” of which it’s foundation was built upon 86 years ago. 

Welcome to our Dance family and it’s ongoing Legacy of excellence. 


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396 Main St # 3, Easthampton, MA 01027, USA

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